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The method surebet or how to win your bet

THE SureBet

Surebet is to analyze the odds of two bookmakers (or more) to detect differences between ratings of the same game but different results. With this technique, it becomes totally impossible to lose!

The differences in ratings for the same event between bookmakers are such that you can bet on the victory as the defeat you always win. To enjoy this safe bet you must have accounts with different bookmakers to bet on various outcomes of a sporting event.
To find surebets must have an account on several sites online sports paris to make the most of differences in ratings. Surebets are mostly found in live events (livebets), particularly in sports that experience turning situations.

The principle of surebet is to analyze the coasts of two bookmakers to detect differences between sides of the same game but different results. How to perform this analysis? By a simple mathematical calculation.

Here is an example to better understand the match France - Spain:
                         France's victory Draw Victory in Spain
Bookmaker A 1.9 3.1 4.2
Bookmaker B 1.6 3.4 6
Calculating SureBet 1 / 1, 9 + 1 / 3, 4 + 1 / 6 = 0,987 <1

The calculation of SureBet is less than 1, then you must realize a profit on this event. That is the magic formula of surebet.Voilà in detail how to perform this famous calculation.

Determining ratings in calculating the surebet:

Determine the 3 largest dimensions of the 2 bookmakers for all 3 possible outcomes (victory of France, or Draw victory of Spain).
Apply to our game example, it holds:
- The symbol of the victory of France in the Bookmaker A (score = 1.9 because 1.9 is greater than 1.6)
- The symbol of the tie at the Bookmaker B (score = 3.4 because 3.4 is greater than 3.1)
- The symbol of the victory of Spain in the Bookmaker B (score = 6 because 6 is greater than 4.2)

Perform the calculation of surebet:

Surebet = (1 / highest rating France winner) + (1 / highest rating Draw) + (1 / highest score winning Spain)
Applied to the example we get: Surebet = 1 / 1.9 + 1 / 3.4 + 1 / 6 = 0,987

The calculation of Surebet is less than 1? You can be sure that you will win your bet. Safe and 100% sure!