With the opening of online sport betting on online market more and more users start to bet online. The guide to online sports betting, SportBettingOnline.eu you how to bet online. Learn to put bet, learn how to win and optimize your chances of winning.
To bet with confidence, it is important to know the different types of existing betting, but also know the terms used in the online betting is why our site offers a complete lexicon.

Tips and strategies to win your bets


There are no miracles strategies to win the sport betting really, luck is the main factor, however, there are a few tips and tricks to analyze ....
Sign in at least 2 or 3 different bookmakers. Why? Because the odds are different from one site to another. On a match, such site may then be more advantageous than another match is like another site that will be used. In addition, it allows to make "sure bets".
Play preference: On games between teams of similar levels, at least on meetings that promise to be tightened.


Set a budget
As you fix your budget weekly lottery, make it the same for your sport betting. Decide on an amount not to exceed (by week, month ...) and keep you. This limit is of little importance, the key is to stick to it and choose a reasonable way.
Do not spend more than 50% of your profits
When you earn money with sport betting, the goal is not to lose this money in other paris ... Make sure you always keep 50% of your earnings, and replay only the remaining 50%.
Example: you set a budget of 20 € per week. The first week you made a profit of 50 €, you remove at least 25 € and you keep the rest to encourage others betss. This is the best way to earn money gradually. If you store everything, you risk losing everything.

Do not bet everything on one bet
If your budget per week is 20 euros for example, do not bet all on one bet. If he loses, you lose your budget at once. It is more profitable (and certainly less risky) to divide your budget into several smaller bets.
Example: 8 to bet bet 2.5 € or 4 to 5 €. If you win 2 of 4 with  bet 5 euros and a side of 2.55, you earn:
(5 x 2.55) + (5 x 2.55) = 25.5 €
So you a profit of € 5.50, having lost half of your bet, hence the interest to several bet!
Do not change your strategy to try large bet
You will gradually gain more and more money ... It is better to continue on this pace, without trying to make bet risky. Continue to make small paris, even if compared to the total of your cumulative earnings, you feel that you win some. It is by accumulating small gains that you get to save a lot.
Suppose that you have won € 350 in strength to small paris, paris does not try to 100 €. You could lose it and lose a large sum at once, with the risk of wanting to catch the mistake and lose even more! Do not just give in to temptation.

Regularly remove your winnings
Always with a view not to yield to the temptation to make wholesale bet, we advise you to withdraw your earnings regularly to put away your bank account! The previous board recommends that you do not store more than 50% of your earnings. The best way is to meet regularly withdraw your winnings.
Enjoy live bets
Some bookmakers can bet on live games. If you can see the game live on TV, this can help you make the right choices about your bet. Of course the ribs will be less interesting as and when the match approach, but it is one of the least risky ways to win its bets! You can use the live betting if you are new (to take the least risk to begin with) or any time if you want to play a maximum security by earning money just as quickly.

Do not risk your bonus
When your deposit (or first deposit), most sites offer a bonus(mobile casino). This is a sum of money that is offered to wager (you can not withdraw the bonus you must wager). The bonus can be very attractive and represent a sum of money accordingly. Control yourself and do not attempt a big bets, you could lose your bonus. Use it instead as if coming out of your pocket, according to our previous guidance.

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