With the opening of online sport betting on online market more and more users start to bet online. The guide to online sports betting, SportBettingOnline.eu you how to bet online. Learn to put bet, learn how to win and optimize your chances of winning.
To bet with confidence, it is important to know the different types of existing betting, but also know the terms used in the online betting is why our site offers a complete lexicon.

The different possible types of bet

The single bet:
A bet on a single event with a single outcome, if the bet is a good prognosis restitituée a profit in the event of loss of the bet the bookmaker keeps up.

The bet on the score:
You bet on the exact result of the match by giving the score.

Bet Live (live bet):
Bet on a current event, the odds vary greatly depending on the evolution of the score.

Bet Handicap Classic:
System for leveling a lopsided confrontation by removing points or goals in favorite bet. Handicap can be offered on all sports but are especially common in rugby and American sports.

Asian handicap betting:
Type of disability operates similarly to traditional disability but with specific rules, eg, betting on the draw is not possible.

Bet (Half-time/Full time):
You bet on the outcome of a game (1N2) at halftime and at the end of the match. You win if both of your predictions are good.

Bet (over / under).
You bet on the number of goals scored during a meeting. The bookmaker offers a number of goals. You choose "Over" if you think there will be more and choose "Under" if you believe there will be less.

The multiple bet:
A bet containing a number of predictions, all picks must be correct for the bet to be won.

The complex multiple bet:
Several predictions on several events, unlike a conventional bet the bet is won if part predictions come true, there are many complex combinations possible.

The long-term bet:
Bet on a long term event.
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